CYFCo provides coaching services and training courses

CYFCo: Providing Coaching services and Skill Training Workshops

CYFCo is a group made by the gathering of professional coaches, aiming for the generalization of this ideology, “Create Your Future!” The group is trying to make room for a field wherein people can experience “being themselves,” by hosting coaching sessions and skill-based training workshops.

CYFCo. in 2016

In December 2016, the idea of CYFCo. and means of a partnership sprang up in Tehran’s Enghelab Club and a three-person meeting among Afshin Mohammad, Kamran Farnian, and Hossein Gaeini. A week later, two others -Nahid Boudaghi and Amirhossein Ghazi- were invited to launch this group with three founders and five shareholders.

For its first professional appearance, CYFCo. showed up at the IRIB International Conference Center at the annual conference of National Iranian Steel Company and challenged the managers of Iran’s Industries with “Reversed Bicycle.”

CYFCo. in 2017

CYFCo.’s first training workshop was held in May. “Coaching Café” was assigned to be held on the last Thursday of each month.

Twelve coaching cafés were held by the end of 2017, and more than 200 participants got to know what coaching is. Many of them are professional coaches now.

CYFCo. also took part in Mashhad’s National Trademark Conference with a presentation. It was CYFCo.’s first appearance with the Team Teaching technique.

Afterward, hosting “Manager as Coach” courses began for huge organizations such as Tavanir, RighTel, Megamotor, etc. These experiences led to the circulation of CYFCo.’s game-based workshops among different organizations.

CYFCo. in 2018

CYFCo. held the “Organizational Role Change” conference in May 2018 and hosted chief managers and human resources managers of those organizations that had used its services in the past year. CYFCo. also published its first book in September that year. “Manager as Coach,” a book by Jenny Rogers, was translated by Afshin Mohammad and presented in a ceremony held at Daneshgah book city. The book is the original reference source of the “Manager as Coach” courses at CYFCo.; however, as time passed and the course was repeated, new material was also added to it.

CYFCo. in 2019

Taking part in two Exhibitions of Business Development in Tehran is among CYFCo.’s significant events of 2019. Additionally, Iran’s first-ever organizational coaching project was hosted by CYFCo., during that year.

In 2019, CYFCo.’s main focus was on developing products, designing games for training headlines, and market development.

CYFCo. in 2020

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in the last months of 2019 hit the teaching industry. Organizations stopped this process before, and more than any other one, that year. It led CYFCo. to change its strategies and focus mainly on providing online and virtual courses.

So far this year, three more books have entered the book market with the support of CYFCo..

Books on Team Coaching, translated by Hossein Gaeini , Parents as Coach, translated by Amirhossein Ghazi and Afshin Mohammad and a collection of articles related to the subject of the Manager as Coach, translated by Afshin Mohammad.

During June that year, Afshin Chaichi, another professional coach, joined the CYFCo. group and began leading the Leadership of CYFCo.. He initiated many changes during the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic by forming a new executive management team and using his positive energy, strategic thinking, providing attitude, hardware and software infrastructure as well as attracting international cooperation.

This year, another valuable book entered the book market with the support of CYFCo., entitled How to Create a Coaching Culture, written by by Gillian Jones and Ro Gorell in collaboration with three coaches and fellows of the same name, Afshin Chaichi, Afshin Mohammad and Afshin Vazirian, which is a reliable and practical reference for organizations and coaches interested in working with organizations.

CYFCo. in 2021

Following the fundamental changes that have taken place in CYFCo. since last year, another event was held in May of this year with the Roma group and presence of the greats of the coaching industry such as Vikki Brock, David Clutterbuck, Gillian Jones, etc. That event was 1st Iran’s National Coaching Summit.

We are still making effort to develop Iran’s teaching and coaching industry. We are trying to provide Iranian organizations with the standard strategies of organizational coaching by connecting to certified international establishments.